Experience the Magic of Puppetry at the Annual Ishara Puppet Festival in Delhi

Discover the enchanting world of puppetry at Delhi's annual Ishara Puppet Festival, ticketed by Zoonga. Explore diverse puppetry styles and international talent.

Delhi, India - The enchanting world of puppetry comes alive in Delhi as the annual Ishara Puppet Festival makes its grand return. Once again, Zoonga is proud to be the official ticketing partner for this mesmerizing event, promising an experience that blends tradition, creativity, and cultural diversity.

Unveiling the Magic of Strings and Stories

The Ishara Puppet Festival, a much-anticipated event in Delhi's cultural calendar, showcases an extraordinary array of puppetry styles from around the globe. This festival is not just a celebration for kids but a creative haven that appeals to art enthusiasts of all ages.

What to Expect at the Festival

Diverse Puppetry Styles

From traditional string puppets to contemporary shadow theatre, the festival displays a rich tapestry of puppetry forms. Each performance is a unique blend of storytelling, music, and visual arts, offering a window into different cultures and narratives.

International and Local Talent

Year after year, the festival brings together talented puppeteers from across the world, alongside India's finest. This year, expect artists from countries like  France, USA, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, as well as local Indian troupes showcasing regional puppetry arts.

Workshops and Interactive Sessions

Beyond the performances, the festival organizes workshops led by experienced puppeteers. These sessions provide a hands-on opportunity for attendees to learn the art of puppet-making and manipulation, deepening their appreciation of this age-old art form.

A Family-Friendly Event

Ishara Puppet Festival is designed to delight audiences of all ages. Children get to experience the joy and wonder of storytelling, while adults can appreciate the intricate artistry and cultural narratives.

Booking Your Experience with Zoonga

As the official ticketing partner, Zoonga offers a seamless booking experience. Tickets are available online, providing easy access to this magical event. With various performance schedules, you can choose a show that fits your itinerary. 


The Ishara Puppet Festival, ticketed by Zoonga, is not just an event; it's a journey into the heart of storytelling and imagination. We invite you to be a part of this extraordinary experience, where every performance is a doorway to a world of wonder and creativity. Book your tickets now and join us in celebrating the timeless art of puppetry!

Don't miss this enchanting experience! Visit Zoonga today to secure your tickets to the Ishara Puppet Festival in Delhi.

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